On July 2nd, 2016 Salt Beach Club was born in Albufeira in the former location where popular discoteque "Capítulo V" existed. This new nightclub with a new concept promises to revolutionize the Algarvian nights. The Salt Beach is the new home of the successful group of Flow, Books, Main and Bliss. Planted by the sea, this space is privileged for its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. A club dedicated to the most rigorous public with a more reserved musical offering and most prestigious from the House to the Tech-House, through the Hip-Hop and R & B. They work to ensure the well-being, fun and safety to all visitors and in that perspective the club has private parking for over 400 vehicles. Located on the Oura beach, the Salt Beach Club stands out as a unique space and improved only thinking of the most demanding customers and take advantage of its privileged location, and also contributing to the development and recognition of Albufeira. According to the organization, "Salt Beach Club is the perfect cocktail of a musical selection of quality, mixed with the flavor of the stunning ocean views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the top destination for beach and fun lovers, this is the beach front space that was missing to shake up the days and warm up the summer nights. We want the Salt Beach Club be blessed with the light of the sun, the moon, the passion of the music and the dance floor of emotion, bringing an atmosphere of excellence and an absolutely heavenly clubbing experience."

files/fotos_post/es/tmp/4571/capitulo_v_bar_0.jpgCapitulo V Bar

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